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Tips and Tricks: Food Label forecasting for 2015











Legislation is underway to require restaurants and even vending machines to show the calorie count on products. The continuing evolution of the product label is in the news almost every day with consumers requiring significantly more information to be supplied on each label.  Here are some items that we are monitoring in 2015

We expect to see product labeling with a simplified ingredient listing.  Consumers need to understand what is in each product that they are evaluating for purchase.

Consumers are also being educated everyday on genetically enhanced goods.  Expect many major food producers to focus on not only the production of goods and what the ingredients are but also gaining customer confidence in their product through labeling.

Restaurants will also be leaning on the aid of packaged food producers to provide accurate and timely information as they will  now be required by law to provide customers with calorie information for their menus.  This is a significant task as products can change as well as the actual menu items. The product providers will need to implement appropriate label processes to provide this content onto all of their product labels.


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