Pragmatyxs implementation teams  provide guidance and assurance to our customers that their project is our project. We engage our customers and their teams  on all of the components of the project.  At Pragmatyxs we oversee all aspects of the project; scope, schedule, time, cost, risk and quality, knowing they must all be diligently managed.

We execute and control against the Project Plan. We constantly advise and adjust  to the plan  based on  additional requirements or changes  to the scope. Weekly or in some instances daily meetings with our clients to assess priorities , progress to date and to update the plan are the cornerstones of our implementation approach.


The project plan is of little use to an organization without a means of putting it into place. At Pragmatyxs we believe that  implementation is an essential part of the strategic planning process, and organizations that develop strategic plans must expect to include a process for applying the plan. The specific implementation process can vary, dependent largely on the details of the actual strategic plan, but some basic steps can assist in the process and ensure that implementation is successful and the strategic plan is effective.

The requirements for successful implementation of a project are:

  • Planning
  • Managing the Project Team
  • Managing Stakeholders
  • Managing Change
  • Project Reporting
  • Good Communications
  • Project Records

Pragmatyxs implementation managers work directly with you to define and refine the requirements. Stage appropriate levels of communication and design project plans that are mutually accepted.

Our customers remain our most valued references to our approach. At Pragmatyxs we encourage you to talk to our customers  in order to fully appreciate and understand the commitment we make to  not only the marketing of our projects  but also to successful implementation and sustainability.

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