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Standards for branding and compliance, to standard corporate labeling practices by all suppliers, are components for a successful deployment of product labeling in your supply chain. Managing labeling standards from your manufacturing partners and extending the reach of your disciplined labeling requirements to these partners is a significant step in an overall comprehensive corporate-wide labeling plan. We call this action – Partner Printing. 

Without incorporating these labeling disciplines into your organization there is a significant loss in productivity and profit, and without these standards, there is the potential for the introduction of counterfeit products.  Extending these labeling standards and disciplines to your suppliers via Partner Printing is a significant factor in your supply chain success.

Pragmatyxs has worked with retailers in satisfying all of these requirements. We have utilized our Pragmatyxs PXSmartLabel product coupled with the Seagull Scientific  BarTender label printing and design software to address these requirements.

A major concern within the Retail world is products arriving to consumers from manufacturing facilities worldwide that arrive with labels that have no consistency and that do not adhere to brand identity.


CASE STUDY– In one of our implementations, our client’s manufacturing sites were reporting that they were receiving products with inconsistently produced labels, creating inventory problems in receiving warehouses. There was also a significant issue with questions over the product’s authenticity.

SOLUTION – Our proven solution: The PXSmartLabel and the BarTender Print Server allow for a ‘Server-Centric’ approach to labeling systems. In this environment, all product labeling production in the enterprise is controlled from a centralized server on the network. The Pragmatyxs PXSmartLabel solution leverages the BarTender Print Server’s highly scalable system architecture that is designed to handle thousands of requests targeted to hundreds of printers simultaneously.

This allows the delivery of uniform control of the print process, from design through production, on a wide range of otherwise incompatible printers, the PXSmartLabel solution also features advanced management tools that allow IT professionals to monitor their entire labeling environment from creation – to authorization – to printing. High volume label production throughput can be achieved with no coding changes to label originating applications.


Centralizing command operations for labeling transactions provides a consistent formula for success, preventing inconsistent label formats through out the organization. We recommend that a distinct labeling design team be organized and maintained to accurately provide and reflect labeling standards for your organization and that your partners and suppliers have a simple and elegant means to access and print these labels.

By creating this level of direction and guidance, you have removed the potential for errors in labeling in your enterprise and supply chain and you are providing your partners with a methodology that is easy for them to access and to compose accurate and consistent labels for shipments.

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