Pragmatyxs has been engaged in the implementation of labeling solutions with the largest providers in the industry. We have found  that companies in the food & beverage industry face many challenges in managing their products and production, particularly for  regional or global operations.  Recognized challenges  include: increasing regulatory and compliance requirements in the United States and abroad, empowered consumers, and complex supply chains.


Companies in this industry face ongoing challenges that make it difficult to rise above the competition. Government agencies continue to impose complex and ever-changing regulations (GHS)  on the industry. Retailers and food service operators are demanding improved productivity and lower prices. Consumers have renewed concerns about food safety and are expecting new health and wellness products (GMO) . And finally, the lack of visibility into product data and supply chains contributes to ever increasing proliferation and complexity. These challenges, along with aggressive competition, can slow company growth and reduce profit margins.

Pragmatyxs has designed PXSmartLabel (PXSL) to meet these challenges. PXSL combined with our partner Seagull Scientific BarTender  software  for label printing and design  provides you the ability to design custom front ends for your distinct line operations, offering a disciplined and accurate labeling  approach to printing. Additionally, PXSmartSync (PXSS) is being utilized by our customers to synchronize label production.

Managing packaging and labeling processes in an Enterprise environment  is a critical component of supply chain effectiveness. Creating a disciplined labeling process to not only maintain consistent labeling within your manufacturing facilities, but to extend that discipline to contract manufacturers and suppliers is a competitive advantage. We call this action – Partner Printing .

Additionally, if you have a complicated ERP landscape with multiple systems then the Pragmatyxs’ PXSmartAgent Enterprise Edition provides a central integration point for accepting label print requests from multiple ERP systems such as Oracle, and SAP . Coupled with our Pragmatyxs PXSL and BarTender implementation it is a perfect solution for this type of environment.

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