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Consultants & Analysts

Pragmatyxs consultants and analysts are experienced professionals who have been in the Pragmatyxs organization for many years providing a rich customer experience for all our customer engagements.

Our consultants and analysts are experienced IT professionals who have the innate ability to offer both a technical and business perspective to their projects. Pragmatyxs recruits, attracts and maintains experienced and talented staff members who apply a disciplined methodology to their efforts consisting of critical and analytical thinking.

Pragmatyxs Consulting

As veteran consultants, they have dealt with your problems numerous times. Their expertise is in helping clients optimize IT operations and manage major change using proven solutions and proprietary methodologies. As we often say, Pragmatyxs is a trusted, independent advisor.

Pragmatyxs business analysts, project managers, and consultants have immersed themselves in the details of compliance labeling. This knowledge and expertise allows us to conduct a thorough analysis of each client’s current processes, then develop and integrate a solution that streamlines workflow and increases productivity.

Each of our consultants has successfully managed numerous compliance labeling, material tracking, and ERPintegration projects through the entire project lifecycle. This includes managing multi-phase, multi-dimensional, and multi-resource projects while maintaining the highest customer satisfaction.



 Client Focused

At Pragmatyxs, our consultants remain client-focused within the following types of activities:

  • Business Process Design
  • Requirements definition
  • GAP Identification
  • Functional Testing
  • Test Planning
  • Test Execution
  • Training Execution

Pragmatyxs consultants are passionate and professional in their efforts with our customers and strive for the highest levels of excellence to provide the best customer experience:

  • Engaging stakeholders and becoming a business advisor to their strategic planning efforts
  • Advancing long-term strategic objectives when investments are driven by tactical needs and short-term ROI
  • Developing innovation and creative solutions while ensuring enterprise-wide coherence
  • Maintaining compliance in a complex, diverse environment
  • Best Practice metrics and processes that are focused on solving real business problems
  • Strong integration to business and IT strategic planning, governance, and project management disciplines to ensure effectiveness
  • Solutions and frameworks that facilitate development, key decisions, and program launch
  • Seasoned consultants and analysts who understand business issues and have significant experience with all aspects of your business processes.


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