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At Pragmatyxs we have developed extensive Global Enterprise Labeling solutions with our customers. We believe our customers have embraced this global approach to such a degree that it is reflected in the names they have used to describe their operations: with names such as Worldwide Labeling (WWL) Global Labeling Solutions (GLS) and Enterprise Labeling Solutions (ELS) to name a few of the company-wide global projects we have implemented in the last ten years. Our customers are benefiting from consistent and compliant labeling efforts from all of their global locations that require the need to print product labels, shipping labels, and many others that meet all regulatory and compliance standards. Many of our customers are now embracing our PXSmartLabel (PXSL) offerings to extend label printing to their partners, vendors and contract manufacturers.

Enterprise Labeling provides our customers with standards for implementing labeling initiatives, providing changes and modifications from a central labeling group and then having the ability to disseminate those changes rapidly into production. This ability provides flexibility, consistency and continuity for your labeling requirements. This approach is the cornerstone to your ability to remain compliant in your labeling operations globally whether that is for compliance to standards such as UDI, GS1 and GHS or to extend that discipline to your partners and contract manufacturers.

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