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Pragmatyxs recognizes the importance of delivering support services with not only the experience and technical knowledge but also with the understanding of our client’s compliance requirements.

Pragmatyxs provides global support, reducing the associated risks and business disruption on production. Our support team of experienced and dedicated consultants is committed to delivering timely response.  Pragmatyxs offers two levels of support for our customers:

Standard Care: Monday thru Friday-   8am – 6pm Pacific

Critical Care:  24/7/365

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Key Benefits

Minimize production downtime or slowdown with our range of Pragmatyxs support services, designed to manage your company’s needs from diagnosis to correction.


  • 24/7/365 worldwide support availability – helping to minimize production disruption
  • Dedicated web, email and onsite support options
  • SLA levels to suit your requirements – ensuring you get the level of support your business needs
  • Complimentary standard and revision releases
  • Available for customer specific configurations and customizations
  • Experienced & knowledgeable team – consultants with a unique understanding of the labeling industry.
  • Supported by 100% in-house developers, consultants and test teams – we leverage our knowledge, experience and expertise to achieve proper resolution


Our highly trained product experts can work directly with your teams and triage your related problems to assess your needs. We will then work directly with you to troubleshoot any related problems you may encounter with the installed Pragmatyxs solution. Pragmatyxs utilizes the Samanage ITSM system creating a ticket for your call and maintaining that open ticket through to service completion. We also can provide on line access to your ticket information for our customers.

Extending Critical Care with our Pragmatyxs product line….

Pragmatyxs has developed products – PXSmartLabel, PXSmartSync and PXSmartAgent that provide our customers with solutions that extend the value and leverage the investment you have already made in your labeling solution. We offer these solutions as a bundled option with your Critical Care 24/7/365 service package. 

Often, at the time of the original implementation plan, our customers have not completed a review of their technical requirements, the ability to then satisfy these new requirements with the Pragmatyxs product offerings is a significant advantage. 

 PXSmartLabel, PXSmartSync and PXSmartAgent are available for implementation as part of the Critical Care (CC) 24/7/365 annual support plan. Plans are based on the number of printers that are deployed in your solution.

You will have access to these Pragmatyxs products as long as you retain the annual support agreement in place. 





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