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Life cycle support is a term we don’t commonly hear in the industry, but at Pragmatyxs we believe it is the ultimate way to deliver a product and obtain customer satisfaction. From the development stage to full implementation, Pragmatyxs will stand by their product as well as other partner products that are used in any implementation.

Pragmatyxs support staff members have significant experience in the industry and with all our implementations, it is likely that you will be supported by the same person that installed your solution, so that familiarity with your install and operating environment is apparent.

Customer service and support are a top priority in Pragmatyxs’ business values; providing around-the-clock service and resolution in a timely manner. Our support plan offerings include:

Standard Care Support – Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time

Critical Care  Support –  24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including weekends and holidays)

All calls and requests are handled directly by Pragmatyxs corporate headquarters support staff or by the software engineers and consultants who developed the products.


Pragmatyxs utilizes a disciplined approach to the support of our customer calls, we manage all incidents in our incident tracking system and can provide a demonstrated history of the actions taken on all calls to our support team.

  • Web interface incident tracking allows the customer to be notified of the life cycle of an issue.
  • The Voice-over IP phone system will connect you with support no matter their location.

At Pragmatyxs we take pride in being able to service the customer no matter how large or small the request is and you can be assured that you are our top priority.

Finding a company that effectively supports all your product labeling can be frustrating. Many companies only handle specific pieces, some just resell the equipment, while others may help with implementation but refer you to the manufacturer for ongoing support. Having to rely on multiple vendors who are unfamiliar with your system’s setup is ineffective and inefficient to your business operations.

We handle 100% of our support calls internally, by the same experienced support personnel, software engineers, and consultants who developed and deployed your system. Our life cycle support is an integral component of our “Project Success Commitment” approach to our customer’s challenging compliance labeling and systems implementations needs.



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