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Project Success Commitment

High-value business solutions are not created in a vacuum and must evolve to deliver the long-term value and return-on-investment today’s businesses are seeking.

Project success is achieved through:

  • Strong involvement of business stakeholders
  • Disciplined management of the predetermined project scope and timeframe
  • Continuous fine-tuning of project requirements and deliverables while adhering to project scope, budget and timeframe constraints
  • Formalization of processes and qualified resources for ongoing support, training and maintenance

Pragmatyxs has a proven track record of successful engagements with our clients. Our commitment to the following key principles leads to exceptional project execution each time.

During each project Pragmatyxs:

  • Strives for a deep understanding of the customer’s business and challenges
  • Respects the knowledge and contributions of the business stakeholders
  • Leverages proven and appropriate technologies and solutions
  • Accepts accountability and responsibility for the cost, timeliness and quality of the end-product
  • Applies best practices and lessons learned in the execution of the project
  • Commits to ongoing support following implementation

Over the years we’ve integrated these key principles throughout our business practices and procedures to develop a holistic delivery approach. This methodology consists of three distinct phases and has the flexibility for application with virtually any sized project.

Our approach acknowledges that new requirements and further fine-tuning and refinement of existing requirements will be realized during the course of the project. Therefore, an iterative approach is needed to keep the project moving forward while accommodating and incorporating the lessons learned during this process.


Discovery and Requirements

The Discovery and Requirements phase is a collaboration of the client’s business team and Pragmatyxs experts in order to:

  • Learn and understand the business needs
  • Brainstorm potential solutions
  • Document the business and technical environment in which the solution must operate

The goal of this phase is to produce:

  • An inventory of existing applications and infrastructure with a high-level view of the project’s scope
  • A project definition document that describes key business objectives, requirements and scope
  • The identification of key team members and high-level cost estimates

Upon approval of the project definition, Pragmatyxs’ analysts and business team members develop and document detailed requirements.



The Development phase is an iterative phase where the defined solution is constructed, tested and reviewed by the team. Existing applications and off-the-shelf solutions are leveraged to the fullest extent to reduce cost and risk. In order to ensure complete testing and successful integration of the solution, portions of the end product are made available to the team throughout this phase. Based on time, cost and scope, new opportunities and fine-tuned requirements are considered and applied for future iterations.


Deployment and Support

The final phase consists of Deployment and Support of the solution. Success during this phase is ensured through:

  • Communication of a deployment plan and schedule to business team and affected partners
  • Comprehensive training of operators and system owners
  • Configuration of the technical infrastructure
  • Definition of processes and resources for post-implementation support

Once deployed, Pragmatyxs performs periodic reviews of the solution to address any recurring issues and to evaluate the solution’s success in meeting the current business objectives and needs. This flexible approach allows us to consider and present new solutions and process improvements to keep the end product working at its best.

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