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Software applications for manufacturing, inventory, shipping, accounting and various other supply-chain management functions typically depend on multiple software applications working together to make essential tracking and identification functions possible. That’s why so many systems integrators and consultants integrate Oracle, SAP and a great variety of other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software applications with label, barcode and RFID applications.

Manually creating labels for every application can be a time consuming, error generating process. By printing directly from an ERP database such as Oracle or SAP, or other data source, organizations improve error proofing of the labels, reduce misprints, and significantly reduce the amount of data entry required to generate labels. This automation process provides the ability to automatically generate label files and launch print jobs based on specific transactions in the enterprise solution.

Pragmatyxs has integrated ERP systems in most of the projects that we are engaged in. Our ability to utilize the system of record to trigger events and transactions provides our customers the ability to reduce the amount of user intervention required in these processes.

Pragmatyxs understands that the investment in your ERP system needs to be leveraged, utilizing that asset to drive printing discipline is a key initiative in the organizations that we support

Pragmatyxs integrates label printing solutions and prints directly from Oracle, SAP and a wide range of other systems.

We provide:

  • Expertise integrating label printing directly into your ERP or enterprise system
  • Label printing solutions that are secure and control label printing across multiple sites.
  • An expert team of consultants, developers and installation professionals that can architect and support your integration efforts.
  • Practical experience with the entire printing process. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the “last mile” integration.
  • We build relationships with our clients that are based on our “Trusted Advisor” role.

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