As an aerospace and defense (A&D) manufacturer, you must identify, consider, and respond to a new set of challenges each day. Changes in the aerospace and defense industries are a given; managing the change from local and global competition is fundamental. There are many challenges in this industry, Pragmatyxs  with our extensive  experience, can  assist in all of these challenges.

The Aerospace industry utilizes a variety of symbols and marking methods. Label systems use both linear 1 and 2D symbols as well as 2D Data Matrix for unique item identification, inventory movement and control.

Our vast knowledge and experience with integrating each unique identifier requirement from a centralized system, with flexibility for brand management of label design and  tracking of inventory, while also controlling printing on a worldwide level. Creating controls on label design and production from a centrally managed  environment  reduces one of the major burdens in the industry – counterfeit parts .

Pragmatyxs | Aerospace ManufacturingWith the rise of counterfeit parts it’s essential to utilize proven labeling solutions that enable centralized control and add intelligence and compatibility with your current ERP, WMS or SCM system. Through our Pragmatyxs , PXSmartPrint, PXSmartLabel and PXSmartSync platforms we can offer a complete compliance-labeling infrastructure providing product label design, content management, printing and audit features. All items required by regulated companies when producing finished goods labels.

Additionally, when supplying multiple companies with the same parts, you need a flexible system that can meet your customers specific labeling requests in a timely manner, in the language you need, with tracking and traceability. As experts in this market we implement the best solution while operating within your current legacy system, respecting your  investment in current assets.

  • We recommend integrated software solutions that best operate with your ERP, WMS and SCM systems.
  • We modify, if needed, the labeling software solution to accommodate unique needs and demands of each business unit, supplier and partner that interacts with your company for tracking and traceability.
  • We empower users to dynamically select the right label formats, pull data from any data source, use the correct language, and always output to the right printer at the right time, eliminating down production time.
  • Utilizing our PXSmartAgent and PXSmartLabel platforms can do just this. They are designed to take print requests from virtually any system and bridge them to third party print servers. PXSmartAgent hides the complexity of socket connectivity to the print server and provides a common interface for accessing supported label print server software suites. PXSmartLabel reduces errors in operation with custom based front ends for your line operations.
  • Our consultant teams offer best practice advice based on lessons learned from other leading supply chain, distribution and manufacturing experts.

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