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The Problem

You’re now required to implement a labeling system as mandated by your customers or a regulatory agency. However, your business is complicated, and if you’re going to integrate such a solution, you want to ensure it fulfills the regulatory standards while also resolving any internal process issues.

The Solution

Pragmatyxs’ PXSmartPrint helps organizations meet rigorous regulatory and customer compliance labeling mandates.

This compliance labeling solution allows our customers to accommodate compliance rules while providing an environment that is centrally deployed and managed, easing the administrative burden, lowering costs and enforcing labeling and data standards.


PXSmartPrint is a standards-based solution that can be deployed to Java application servers such as Oracle WebLogic and supports both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases. This application is tightly integrated with industry-leading bar code and RFID smart label print servers that deliver fast, robust label printing and support hundreds of printers in dozens of locations.

PXSmartPrint is a complete compliance-labeling infrastructure providing product label design, content management, printing and audit features required by regulated companies when producing finished goods labels. PXSmartPrint provides a web-based user interface for content management, printing and administration. PXSmartPrint provides application interfaces for automated production printing; data access and print request processing.

  • Global Reach
    • Centrally deployed and managed.
    • Supports local, domestic, or global locations.
    • Supports hundreds of printers in dozens of locations.
  • Standards-based
    • Deploys to Java Application Servers.
    • Seamless integration with current and/or future business systems.
    • Extensible services for retrieving label content from other systems.
  • Web-based Front-end
    • Used to define label content, configure label printing environments, and initiate label printing.
    • Requires minimal training for label designers and print operators.
  • Multi-Language Support
    • Multi-language support for label content.
    • Supports both domestic and international product labeling from a single system.
  • Localized User Interface
    • Allows operator to view and use the application in their native language.
    • Expandable glossary of terms allows customization of the localized user interface.
  • Ensured Compliance
    • Ensured compliance with centrally managed label data
    • Enforced label designs and standards.
    • Responds to changing customer and regulatory. requirements.

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