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What is PXSmartLabel?

A Web-based label printing software that integrates customer data with the popular print server software.

Pragmatyxs recognized several common foundational aspects of their past custom printing applications that could be leveraged to exist in one core application. PXSmartLabel provides a strong robust platform that can be tailored, supported and upgraded with minimal impact to the customer. PXSmartLabel is flexible enough to meet all the current and future requirements.

With the latest release, an On-Demand Labeling feature has been implemented. This added functionality allows customers to quickly and easily add and configure new user interfaces.  On-Demand Labeling allows for the creation and customization of simple label types (web pages) via an established data structure without the need for expensive development services. With On-Demand Labeling, custom print time data prompts and many other standardized PXSmartLabel features can be implemented by an Administrator. A new On-Demand data table can contain all the data desired for a query, preview, print, and print history functions. Customers can choose from two On-Demand label types with the following print instigation methods:

  •  Template First: The operator begins the printing process by selecting a template/label name and if desired other search elements to determine data to be printed.
  • Data First: The operator inputs data points as search criteria to determine the database records to be printed. Template(s) are then derived from either data records or configured per standard PXSmartLabel functionality.

PXSmartLabel Core Features

  • Seamless integration to Seagull Scientific’s Bartender Print Server, utilizing template versioning
  • Reprint Capability using Print History
  • Multiple Templates per Label Type
  • Template First and Data First On-Demand Label Types
  • Template Image Preview
  • Customer Business Logic Customizable and Flexible
  • Connects to client ERP or backend data with custom queries and logic
  • Centrally Deployed and Managed through Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and Microsoft SQL Server; supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome
  • Authenticates users through Microsoft Active Directory or Windows Local Security Groups
  • Supports on premise and cloud-based environments


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Customer Labeling Specification Features

  • Intuitive web-based interface requires minimal training for print operators.
  • Complexities of which label to print based on business rules is hidden from users.
  • Allows for flexible incorporation of customer specific label printing business logic.
  • Centrally deployable and managed through common Windows based Internet and database services.
  • Seamless integration to Seagull Scientific’s BarTender Software Suite, utilizing template versioning.
  • Ability to configure multiple label sets per label type; i.e. department, manufacturing line, process, location, etc.
  • Create multiple template-to-printer relationships.
  • Preview prints of labels with real-time data elements.
  • Connects to client ERP or System of Record (SOR) through the use of custom queries or logic.
  • Centrally managed data source configuration and business logic allowing a one-to-many datasource-to-template relationship.
  • Customizable print history with reprint capability.
  • Capability to record data upstream post-print.
  • Authenticates users through Microsoft Active Directory or Windows Local Security Groups.
  • Supports on premise (LAN/WAN) and cloud-based (Partner/remote printing) environments.


  • Allows for efficient and error free labelling.
  • Allows for operator ease of use and error reduction by controlling what labels operators have access to for printing on the shop floor.
  • Rapid response to changing business requirements and satisfy a wide range of use cases.
  • Enforced label designs and standards.
  • Leverages BarTender, The World's Leading Label, RFID, Card Printing & Barcode Software created by Seagull Scientific.
  • Process flow is label type driven (i.e. product label, shipping label) versus driven by individual label template (i.e. productABC.btw, customer1_shipping.btw).
  • Centralized configuration, administration and monitoring .
  • Verification of label output before print initiation.
  • Leverages existing investments in back-end data systems.
  • Ensured compliance with centrally managed label data.
  • For business intelligence and data mining.
  • Ensures exact reprinting of label templates and data used in previously printed labels all from the same user interface.
  • Enables use of generated label data for downstream business processes.
  • Uses existing Windows server authentication and security manager with single sign-on support.
  • Accelerated deployment whether local, domestic or global locations.


  • Sites: Customers can have as many sites as necessary, each with their own label types. Each site has its own set of printers.
  • Label Types: Each label type can have one or more templates which all print to different printers. Each label type can have custom business logic for data retrieval/display and data filtering.
  • Runtime Data Capture: Customers can define specific data elements to be captured/input by the user at run-time.
  • Custom Calculations: Customers can define specific calculations to be performed at runtime and passed to template for printing. Calculations can be centralized for standardization or specific to a template or business scenario.
  • Printing Options for Labels:
    • Configurable Default Number of Copies
    • Configurable Default Quantity
    • User Interface Configurability:
      • Lock Printer Selection, Lock Quantity, Lock Copies, Lock Template Selection, Show/Hide Calculated Values

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