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What is PXSmartLabel?

PXSmartLabel is an enterprise labeling solution that exceeds the requirements of a small labeling use case to fully regulated global effortsWhether you prefer an on-premise, virtual, or cloud-based infrastructure, PXSmartLabel is ideal for any configuration. 

This quickly deployable and centrally managed solution puts you in control as it integrates with existing data or provides a space to house data.  Customers can leverage PXSmartLabel core features to create intuitive web-based user interfaces that control and validate entry for efficient and accurate content on every label.

The flexible configuration allows for rapid response to changing business requirements. At Pragmatyxs, Inc. we specialize in satisfying the complexity of regulatory requirements such as FDA CFR Part 11UDIEU MDRGHS/CLP, and more. We are dedicated to PXSmartLabel remaining compliant with the demanding and ever-changing requirements of today.  

PXSmartLabel Core Features

  • Regulatory compliance- FDA CFR Part 11, UDI, GHS/CLP, EU, MDR, etc.
  • Seamless integration with ERP, PLM, MES and other Systems of Record
  • Centrally deployed and managed
  • Effortless scalability
  • On-Premise and cloud-hosted environments
  • Database-driven configurability
  • Role-based security and feature sets
  • Intuitive User Interface Designer/Site Builder
  • Efficient, accurate and validated Print-Time data entry
  • Label First and/or Data First workflows


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  • Efficient and error free labelling through controlled access
  • Rapid response to changing business requirements
  • Enforced label designs and standards.
  • Label-type driven Process Flow (i.e. product label, shipping label) versus driven by individual label template
  • Verification of label output before print initiation.
  • Leverages existing investments in back-end data systems.
  • Business Intelligence and data mining.
  • Enables use of generated label data for downstream business processes.
  • Utilizes existing Windows server authentication and security manager with single sign-on support.
  • Accelerated deployment whether local, domestic or global locations.

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