Pragmatyxs PXSmartLabel (PXSL) is a front-end, browser-based development tool that delivers easy-to-use and consistently accurate barcode or RFID label printing.

PXSL is a centralized, flexible, configurable and rapidly deployable add-on to your BarTender® Software Suite. On the user end, it reduces errors and ensures consistency and compliance. And on the business end, it gives you data-mining capabilities that provide intelligence for downstream business processes. Pragmatyxs will also provide installation and configuration of PXSL, which comes standard with our 24/7 service and support agreement.


  • For Development & Integration
    • Flexible incorporation of customer-specific label printing business logic.
    • Centrally deployed and managed through common Windows-based Internet and database services.
    • Seamless integration with Seagull Scientific’s BarTender Software Suite, using template versioning.
    • Ability to configure multiple label sets per label type (e.g., department, manufacturing line, process, location, etc.)
    • Create multiple template-to-printer relationships.
    • Connects to customer ERP or System of Record (SOR) through the use of custom queries or logic.
    • Centrally managed data source configuration and business logic, allowing a one-to-many, datasource-to-template relationship.
    • Authenticates users through Microsoft Active Directory or Windows Local Security Groups.
    • Supports on-premises (LAN/WAN) and cloud-based (partner/remote) printing environments.
    • Set-up controls that manage which labels operators have access to for printing on the shop floor.
  • For End Users
    • Intuitive, web-based interface that requires minimal training for print operators.
    • Business rules driving label selection are hidden from users to avoid complexities of which label to print.
    • Print-preview of labels include real-time data elements.
    • Customizable print history with reprint capability.
    • Label-driven process flow (e.g., product label, shipping label) versus individual label template-driven (e.g., productABC.btw, customer1_shipping.btw)
  • For the Business
    • Captures and records post-print data upstream for downstream business processes.
    • Enforces standards-compliance with centralized management and shop-floor controls.


  • Reduce liability due to human error by
    • Controlling label-access for printing on the shop floor.
    • Enforcing label design and standards-compliance through centralized configuration, administration, monitoring and data management.
    • Ensuring exact reprinting of label templates and data used in previously printed labels.
    • Verifying label output prior to initiating printing.
    • Supporting secure, single-sign-on with Windows server authentication and security manager.
  • Rapidly respond to changing business requirements by
    • Accelerating deployment across local, domestic and global location.
    • Allowing new or modified labeling requirements to be managed centrally and distributed on-demand globally.
    • Mining label data for business intelligence and downstream business process improvements.
  • Save money by
    • Leveraging existing investment in back-end data systems.
    • Integrating with Seagull Scientific’s BarTender – “The World’s Leading Label, RFID, Card Printing & Barcode Software.”

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