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Are you looking to add or expand label printing to your existing IT infrastructure and business processes?

Is your current system for printing labels complicated and difficult to manage?

Or is it just not doing what you need it to do?

The Answer

Pragmatyxs’ PXSmartAgent is a standards-based Java Connectivity Agent that provides robust label printing management and configuration for businesses.

PXSmartAgent is designed to take print requests from virtually any system and bridge them to third party print servers. PXSmartAgent hides the complexity of socket connectivity to the print server and provides a common interface for accessing supported label print server software suites.

Your system provides the print request and PXSmartAgent gets it to where it should go.

Several Options

To accommodate the wide variety of system infrastructures present in today’s business world, PXSmartAgent is available in several versions.

  • Java API: Which can be embedded in any Java application to send label data to a print server.
  • Windows Service: Which monitors a drop file folder for print request files. PXSmartAgent processes the print request and sends the label data to the print server.
    • Requires MS Windows Server Edition, Windows 2000 or greater.
    • Supports either 32-bit or 64-bit Java installations
  • Enterprise Version: Which runs on a Java application server, accepting label requests via web services and sending the label data to the print server.

The enterprise version also has additional capabilities beyond those of the Java API and Windows Service versions, see below for more details.

Enterprise Version

Pragmatyxs’ PXSmartAgent Enterprise is a JEE-based application which bridges label content output from a host ERP system to an enterprise print server for label printing. It supports printing to the enterprise versions of third party print server software suites.

PXSmartAgent Enterprise is invoked via web services and uses Java Messaging Services (JMS) to manage incoming print requests and outgoing print responses.

This provides:

  • Reliable delivery of messages.
  • Custom configuration of redelivery in case of system failure.

Label content can be provided as:

  • Oracle WMS-based XML
  • BarTender XML Script
  • Custom Job Request Structure

Configuration allows for use of multiple prints servers, with load balancing and failover capabilities. Print jobs are logged to a database.

PXSmartAgent Enterprise provides two forms of communications with the print server:

  • One-way TCP/IP communications in which label content is passed to the print server without any response.
  • Two-way TCP/IP communications in which label content is passed to the print server and a response is read back.

A single PXSmartAgent Enterprise instance can support multiple print server instances!

  • A print job can specify a single server to process the command, or it can specify a comma-delimited list of candidate servers to process the command.
  • If a list is given, PXSmartAgent Enterprise will either process the servers in the order given, or go through them in a random order. The print command will be tried on each server until one accepts the command.

Enterprise Applications

Does your company have a complicated ERP landscape with multiple systems?

Pragmatyxs’ PXSmartAgent Enterprise Edition provides a central integration point for accepting label print requests from multiple ERP systems such as Oracle, SAP, and JDE.

Are you migrating from one ERP system to another?

Do you need to print labels from both system during the migration?

Well then, relax, PXSmartAgent can serve as a single point of integration during your migration. This allows your organization to print labels from both systems at the same time, avoiding disruptions to your operational tempo, and saving your company time and money.

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