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How a mobile supply chain can improve your business: Manufacturing and Distribution

wordpressblogAn effective and efficient  supply chain is one of the most vital pieces in a business, continued investment into the supply chain   provides organizations a competitive edge.   Implementing a mobile supply chain into your manufacturing and distribution channels will provide higher rates of visibility within your supply chain, advancing  productivity and accuracy.

With DSI Global and the Pragmatyxs team we can provide your organization a  custom mobile application that suits your warehouses or factories.  The ability to track raw materials through  finished goods right from your companies mobile devices will help improve visibility to your supply chain demands and increase the efficiency of your production line.

As example, with  inventory management; product entry can be easily taken through your mobile device as well as determining what its next step should be.  The ability to carry such processes in a handheld device provides  instant access and eliminates the probability of manual entry errors.

With DSI Global’s application you aren’t only gaining the ability to control your supply chain through a mobile device but you are also improving your everyday processes with a custom application that provides  your organization with instant access to  every step in your supply chain.

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