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Building your Mobile Supply Chain




Implementing a mobile supply chain application into your companies environment can be viewed as a daunting and intimidating process. Pragmatyxs has developed a strategic relationship with  DSI Global  to utilize their solution accelerators with Pragmatyxs’ development experience to reduce this intimidation factor. Pragmatyxs; utilizing the solution accelerators from DSI Global can build  an efficient and fully customized mobile supply system.

DSI’s solution accelerators eliminate the process of building a mobile application from scratch. Whether your focus is field sales, inventory control or asset management there is a solution accelerator to suit your company. From this platform, Pragmatyxs’ development team can build an application to fully meet your company needs and implement it into your already existing ERP system.

Leveraging the relationship between DSI  Global and Pragmatyxs to build your Mobile Supply Chain will not only improve your business practices and increase customer satisfaction; your application development and implementation will no longer be daunting and intimidating, utilizing these real time views into your supply chain will now be intimidating and daunting for your competitors.


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