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Maximizing your warehouse efficiency with mobile freedom


The days of manual data inventory management are over; these methods produce counting errors and most importantly an inefficient use of time with your labor force. Utilizing mobile supply chain applications can  free your warehouse operations personnel to be more accurate in their performance, providing product delivery and inventory  that is being properly tracked and shipped error free and more efficient than ever before.

With our customized mobile application and DSI’s mobile platform warehouse; workers need one tool and one too only; their mobile handheld.  This tool allows the user to scan inventory in, create transfers and track shipments all within one fully customized application.

Thousands of company dollars are wasted with unaccounted inventory, mislabeled and mis-shipped product and importantly, the time wasted fixing these errors.  Let Pragmatyxs and DSI partner to  build a mobile application to suit your warehouse needs and eliminate these costly errors.

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