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In the news: Kraft voluntarily recalls over 200,000 cases of macaroni


Kraft has voluntarily recalled 242,000 boxes of their ever popular original macaroni and cheese product after it was found that they could contain small pieces of metal.  The highlight of this story is that the recall was initiated  before any incidents occurred and federal regulatory agencies had to step.

All too often we see that recalls are begun after thousands of consumers are effected and the supplier is scrambling to identify the cause and location of the incident.  Kraft recognized an issue with their manufacturing equipment and was able to immediately identify the affected product. Kraft had the ability to determine through their processes where the products were manufactured  and where they were delivered.

Kraft avoided the potential for ill and  unsatisfied customers and the possible fines from federal regulations. They also avoided the potential for a massive recall since their processes provided them the ability to determine the exact product lines effected.

All of this was achieved with the ability to have full traceability throughout their supply chain process.  Are you able to say the same thing?

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