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Implementing proper barcoding for your UDI transition


The UDI ruling and implementation process has been discussed in many forums. In our previous discussions we have covered certain dates and criteria that are required to meet the upcoming regulations but one thing that has not been discussed significantly is one of the most important pieces: the UDI bar code and the implementation process.

While the UDI ruling states that a bar code is the primary tool to mark medical devices there hasn’t been a required standard for bar code implementation.  This can pose some risks depending on the route the medical supply manufacturer chooses.  Pragmatyxs is engaged in a number of UDI implementations and our experience has been a valuable asset  for UDI implementations for our clients.

If you are in the stages of implementing UDI regulations or have just begun your journey contact Pragmatyxs and we will guide you with a proven strategy and first class support.

View’s full article on UDI bar code verification below:



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