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In the News:Tennessee OR tracks consumable supplies with RFID technology

PolyIC_ polymer_flexible_RFID_tag

The future of RFID tagging is looking more promising than ever.  The  RFID Journal expects the industry to reach over $5.4 Billion by 2020.

A unique story we discovered on RFID Journal’s site was one that came from the operating rooms at the University of Tennessee Medical Center; they had implemented the tracking of consumable medical supplies through RFID tagging.  Each device or tool used within the operating room has a wrapper with the proper RFID tag so tracking usage is as simple as throwing it in the supplied trash receptacle. The system recognizes that the item was utilized and updates the inventory systems accordingly. This confirms that  proper practices were used and also assists in controlling inventory.

This inventory management strategy can be used in many other industries and applications ; whether you are a retail space tracking sales and inventory or a manufacturing company needing inventory or asset  management.

To read the full article follow the link below:

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