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Avoiding counterfeit parts in electronic manufacturing


When we refer to the word counterfeit in the regulatory industry we commonly associate it with Medical Device and Pharmaceutical manufacturing that can cause adverse affects to human safety.

The same can be said in the electronic industry; for example; electronics drive the Aerospace and Defense industries as well as our everyday electronic tools that we rely on. A failure or the faulty operation of these products can result in catastrophic incidents or in a lesser way – dissatisfied customers.

Major electronic manufacturers just like Medical Device companies rely on the delivery of products from vendors who specialize in the manufacturing of smaller parts to produce a final product. Managing traceability and transparency of a product through the supply chain is mandatory for a compliant and successful finished product to insure the integrity of the product manufactured.

Without compliant  product labeling and resources to track an item through the supply chain until it reaches the production line, product authenticity cannot be verified.  Pragmatyxs has assisted Medical Device Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies and Aerospace Companies to achieve full traceability and help deliver a product that meets compliant industry regulations.

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