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Globally managing print operations with PXSmartLabel

PXSmartPrint-01Managing label and barcode print operations can be a heavy task for any administrator, especially when it comes to controlling operations across the globe. Ensuring that the correct label and the quantities printed are important for supply chain movement and accuracy. A disciplined approach to global label printing that is extended to all of the organizations locations and partners has been the goal for these companies to achieve that accuracy.

With Pragmatyxs PXSmartLabel (PXSL) your print time operations are managed with ease and the configuration can be deployed globally, offering accurate, up to date label printing capabilities for every location.  Administrators have the ability to configure what print operators need to enter, what they can alter or view within a manufacturing site, and within a product line providing accuracy for all of your label printing in your supply chain.

Many of the world’s largest manufacturers in the food and beverage, appliance and apparel industries rely on Pragmatyxs PXSmartLabel (PXSL) application software to not only manage print locations but also make it easy for the print operator to print at an effective and regulated rate.  If you are looking to improve your print processes please contact Pragmatyxs.


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