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PXSmartLabel Print History Reporting Tool

blogpost2Label Print History provides the means for organizations to reconcile the printing of a label. Print History reconciliation provides an important tool in troubleshooting print issues as well as administering print operation facilities. The ability to easily access configurable information including which template printed, who was the  print operator and what date/time stamp is recorded is significant to support all label related activities.

Incidents related to printing can lead to multiple “what if’s” and the root information lies within the print details.  Pragmatyxs Smart Label (PXSL) Print History allows administrators or operators with permissions to customize their search results by the day, month and year and can the narrow that search to a specific template.

Another significant  feature of the PXSL Print History reporting tool is that it is customizable to your companies needs.  You tell us what you would like your results list to show and we can produce it.  We have implementations of PXSmartLabel PXSL at some of the world’s largest manufacturers who utilize the reporting tool to better their processes and troubleshooting.

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