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Tips and Tricks: Benefits of using 2D Barcodes

2D_barcodeBarcodes play a huge role in product labeling, reducing errors, expediting movement through the supply chain, inventory management and point of sale.  Barcodes are the lifeline for product labeling; they hold vital information content whether it be how the product is handled, how it is inventoried or where it needs to be shipped.

Many organizations tend to overlook the importance of a barcode until they run into capacity issues or their organizations are repeating errors in inventory management.  We will discuss today the benefits and importance of 2D barcodes and how they may improve your business’ efficiency and accuracy.

Datamatrix 2D barcodes can store from 1 to 2,000 characters and range from .0001 inches per side for small electronics, medical devices or up to 4 inches per side that can hold large amounts of data.

2D barcodes consist of black and white “cells” that form a square design that can be scanned easier especially on curved surfaces versus your standard barcode.

2D barcodes can carry serial numbers, lot numbers and vast amounts of tracing information which can assist in the prevention of counterfeit products.

2D barcodes are the future of barcoding; the ability to encode large amounts of information, to populate that information onto very small or large products, to provide the correct data  every time that the product  moves throughout your supply chain and ultimately to the distribution channel or end-user customer. 2D barcodes extend the amount of information you can supply providing a more  efficient methodology for product tracking. Today you see 2d Barcodes on many products, from soda cans to airplane tickets.

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