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Your brain needs a break

Many of us are no strangers to back-to-back video meetings. It seems as the last one ends, the next one begins and often leaves no time to stand, stretch or clear your head.

A research study conducted by Microsoft Human Factors Lab found that short breaks “are important, not just to make us less exhausted by the end of the day, but to actually improve our ability to focus and engage while in those meetings.”

The study involved 14 volunteers who wore electroencephalogram (EEG) equipment while attending 4- 30-minute meetings back-to-back on one day and then attending 4- 30-minute meetings with 10-minute breaks included. All participants meditated with the Headspace app during these breaks to keep the downtime activity consistent. You can see the results favored the meeting sequence in which they were given just 10-minute breaks in between meetings.

Your brain needs a break

While Microsoft conducted the research to enable their product development to align with these needs, anyone who spends their time in virtual meetings can take the simple step of incorporating short breaks in between meetings. By doing so, they will reduce stress, enhance focus, and increase productivity.

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