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3M helps identify and stop sale of 1 million fake respirators

3M helps identify and stop sale of 1 million fake respirators

In the height of COVID-19, where respirators and N95 masks were in high demand, 3M teamed up with US Marshals to stop the sale of 1 million fake respirators.

Not only are manufacturers focused on the quality and supply chain of their products, but they must also be aware of those who may be falsely using their name to sell and distribute subpar and possibly useless products.

“3M will continue to take action against those who sell fake products and put lives at risk…” and that is just what they are doing. 3M has a fraud hotline and webpage where any consumer or vendor can reach out and confirm the authenticity of sales documents or products, this is how they were made aware of this issue. They have investigated more than 14,000 fraud reports and have filed more than 36 lawsuits against companies trying to profit off the pandemic demand.

Read more about how 3M addressed and continues to be vigilant about consumer safety and the authentication of their products.

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