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IT Infrastructure in the Cloud


“More than a quarter (27%) of IT directors in manufacturing globally are worried about slow performance when running applications in the cloud, while 26% note a lack of integration with legacy systems as a key obstacle.”

While moving to the Cloud has many benefits, companies must also have a clear plan to avoid some of the issues that come with this change.  Our partners at NiceLabel, have the labeling solution that can help you avoid these obstacles and gain efficiencies in the Cloud.

“Both a lack of legacy systems integration and performance issues can be addressed by a modern Cloud system.”  Finding a solution that can integrate with or bridge the gap with legacy systems is key and requires a flexible labeling solution and a knowledgeable team to integrate seamlessly.

NiceLabel has the labeling solution to enable you to:

  • Deploy labeling solution in minutes
  • Securely store and manage labels and data in the Cloud
  • Integrate label printing with databases and business systems

Pragmatyxs, your trusted advisor to help seamlessly integrate this solution with your existing systems.