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A quality labeling solution means better inventory control

Better inventory control


When it comes to inventory management, we wish the counting took care of itself, but companies lean on a strong, integrated solution since that isn’t an option.  A solid Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) coupled with a Warehouse Management Software (WMS) is usually what first comes to mind, but one component that may be taken for granted is the labeling solution. The barcode that is scanned and connects data to the WMS system and ERP system is the conduit to making inventory management…manageable.

To ensure a labeling solution meets a company’s needs, a thorough assessment is valuable and often can reveal inefficiencies in the process.  Pragmatyxs was able to identify and create a solution for a major retailer by providing a centrally managed labeling environment that integrated with their ERP platform and enabled their merchandise vendors accessibility resulting in efficient and consistent labeling.

The benefits of regular inventory counts have long been known; accurate inventory qualities, identification of areas or processes that need improvement, and enablement of informed budgeting decisions. An integrated labeling solution can ensure this process is completed seamlessly and accurately.