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World’s first hydrogen eVTOL aircraft

eVTOL aircraft

We have shared about innovative electrical products in the transportation sector. Still, the aerospace industry is also advancing through the first hydrogen-powered Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft which will fly over 1,150 miles.


Sirius Aviation AG stated, “The Sirius Jet is a high-performance, zero-emission VTOL aircraft propelled by hydrogen-electric propulsion system.” This newfound technology brings together the aerodynamics of airplanes and helicopters and continues the company’s passion for innovation, sustainability, and safety.


Hydrogen use can be a clean solution, but a few obstacles create logistical and technological issues that need addressing before it can be widely used. One issue is the requirement to keep it at an extremely low temperature from distribution until the flight process.


Labeling may be able to address the temperature issue. We have shared the numerous benefits of RFID tags, including thermo-monitoring for products like the COVID-19 vaccine, which requires temperature control from the point of creation, transport, worldwide distribution, and storage until utilization.


With every product innovation, labeling will play a role. Businesses must be ready to ensure labeling compliance and update their processes to accommodate these innovations. Pragmatyxs can be your trusted advisor to help guarantee your labeling solution meets the needs of your business and frees your team to focus on getting your product out to market and into the hands of your customers.