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BarTender 2022 enhancements now available

GS1_TDS 2.0 and RFID

BarTender is pleased to announce enhancements for BarTender 2022. “This release provides better barcode-RFID interoperability with support for the latest GS1 standard for EPC-encoded RFID, TDS 2.0.”

TDS or Tag Data Standard 2.0 and Electronic Product Code (EPC) corresponds to GS1 keys and other codes and data carried on RFID tags like control information, User Memory data, and tag manufacture information. TDS 2.0 is a significant update aligned with new and upcoming requirements.

The newest release caters to emerging regulatory requirements for RFID encoding and along with the latest Drivers by Seagull™ provides:

  • Barcode-RFID interoperability with 12 new “EPC+” schemes for simplified encoding/decoding.
  • New DSGTIN+ scheme for prioritized date information (i.e., expiry) for better selection.
  • Better traceability with optimized encoding and capturing of supplemental AIDC data.

RFID technology is growing in many industries like retail, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, aviation, and more. “Unlike barcodes, RFID allows for quick, bulk data scanning without the limitations of line-of-sight data capture. As this technology continues to evolve, having a labeling solution that results in accuracy and real-time inventory updates creates efficiency across business processes.

BarTender 2022 R8 is available now for immediate download. If you have questions or need help implementing this new release, contact Pragmatyxs at