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Upgrading to BarTender 2016: Integration Builder


Earlier this year we announced the newest release of BarTender from Seagull Scientific ( and covered the new Administration Console features.  Users familiar with BarTender are familiar with the Commander feature; in BarTender 2016 Commander is know known as Intergration Builder but there is more than just a name change involved.

Through highly customizable, intuitive integrations BarTender Integration Builder enables:

  • Initiate printing through “trigger” events such as e-mail, drop file, database
  • Connect and communicate with clients via TCP/IP,UDP and HTTP
  • Integrate with ERP systems with direct support for SAP, Oracle or IBM WebSphere

While many of these functions were available in the previous versions BarTender 2016 feature a more intuitive, user friendly experience that provides assistance in setting up integrations.  In addition to a more user friendly process Integration Builder allows for multiple actions to be performed within a single trigger event; the ability to test integrations with error messaging before they are deployed.  Once deployed; integrations are accessible in the Administration console where they can be monitored and managed.

If you have any further questions on BarTender 2016 or are interested in upgrading please contact Pragmatyxs.

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