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Improving safety procedures with GHS Labeling


We can all agree that safety is a top priority within a company; however, depending on the tasks at hand safety could be the highest priority.  GHS (Global Harmonized System for Hazard Communication) was created as a solution for hazardous materials being handled between international boundaries using images to denote the products and the hazard. Reaching a global understanding of hazardous material labeling through images was a landmark step in safety; and now it is up to the manufacturers to implement these standards.

Clear and concise handling instructions are vital to workers handling these materials and many large manufacturers have put their trust in Pragmatyxs to design and implement these labels.  Pragmatyxs can not only design GHS labels to meet regulatory standards but ensure consistency and accuracy in the printing process.

If you have questions on GHS labeling or would like Pragmatyxs to assist in your implementation please feel free to contact us!

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