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Reducing counterfeit drugs in your supply chain with DSI and Pragmatyxs


Counterfeit drugs have become a growing issue in the Medical Manufacturing industry and as technology advances we are seeing more and more occurrences.  We have addressed in previous posts the major risks in counterfeit products and how they can have a severe impact on the consumer. We rely on the integrity of the drug supply as vital for patient  support and survival.

With DSI (  Mobility Platform easily allowing scanning and tracking of incoming products and Pragmatyxs’ label expertise to improve serialization you have a fully traceable supply chain that allows you to track goods during their entire life cycle.

When manufacturers have to rely on manual entry,  that is when the door is opened to incorrect data, shipping delays and even worse, the potential for counterfeit products.  The ability to serialize and scan products and have an overall vision of where products originated and where they are distributed is crucial to drug manufacturers success and compliance.


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