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FDA looking to new sugar labeling regulations


The FDA is continually looking to improve not only the safety of food and drug manufacturing but also to provide a clear understanding of these products to consumers.  The FDA is proposing manufacturers implement labeling changes that identify natural sugars and those added.

While including the amount of natural and artificial sugars in a product the FDA also would require labeling to indicate the percentage of a person’s daily recommended intake.  These changes are being proposed with hopes to decrease health risks such as obesity and diabetes.  Awareness and education are the first steps to improving ones nutrition and by providing that on a product label the manufacturers are doing there part.

Sugar is not the only hot topic in the food and beverage industry; we are constantly looking to improve and strip down what we are consuming.  The growing trend is to simplify ingredients and show the customer that there are no surprises that they will read about in the news in years to come.  We expect to see many more labeling requirements and improvements in the near future and it is vital to be able to implement these changes without the delay of production. Pragmatyxs are among the leaders in label design, printing and implementation.  If you have any questions we are here to answer them.

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