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Prevent downtime through optimization

Prevent downtime through optimization

Avoiding downtime is a top priority for every manufacturer. It affects productivity and the bottom line. In many manufacturing industries, processors that rely on tubular drag cable conveyors are used to move materials. Proper installation, design, and maintenance prevent downtime and enable system optimization.

“In today’s fast-paced processing environment, it is a standard practice to run conveyors until something breaks or needs to be repaired, which can lead to significant unnecessary downtime.”

Automated Handling Solutions found that “implementing total preventative maintenance (TPM) for conveyors” was the best solution. This ensured ongoing service and support to reduce downtime and lower operations and maintenance costs. AHS, a third-party vendor, offloads the preventative maintenance work from the manufacturer so they focus on producing the product. This allows the manufacturer to avoid the break/fix cycle that often occurs when companies lack time and resources.

Let’s take this scenario and relate it to the labeling environment. Many of the same issues can arise when processes are working and schedules are full. If preventative maintenance isn’t happening, including template control, automation review, and printer maintenance, downtime is inevitable.

Pragmatyxs can help support your labeling efforts through our support team and project management work, ensuring your labeling solution is maintained and optimized.