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Comprehensive and Customizable training

Comprehensive and Customizable trainingFinding a labeling solution with all the elements an organization needs to achieve its business goals is the first step to supply chain efficiency and productivity. Yet without comprehensive or customizable training in these solutions, companies can’t take full advantage of all the benefits these software solutions offer.

Pragmatyxs offers comprehensive and customizable training options for our customers to ensure they make the most of their investment. Training can be conducted on-site or remotely as needed and is offered as an 8- or 16-hour training session.  During these sessions, we provide hands-on training with experts in deploying, administering, and creating labeling solutions covering the following:

 1 Day – Label Design Training

  • Overview of application interface
  • Template Layout and Stock Settings
  • Creating and formatting text objects, barcodes
  • Connecting to a database
  • Layering and conditional printing

 2 Day – Administration and Label Design Training

  • Includes all 1-day Label Design Training
  • Administration Console Training and Configuration Security
  • Companion application overview and training
  • Error handling, printing history configuration
  • Licensing, and printer configuration

We offer an in-depth learning experience that fits our customers’ learning styles and schedules. Contact us for assistance implementing your labeling solution and ensure an approach that will quickly get your team up to speed on your software solution and enable them to enhance operational efficiency and accuracy.