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The importance of high-quality labeling printers


The importance of high-quality printers

Compliance labeling is rigorous, and the detailed requirements can be overwhelming. But your software solution and production are stalled without high-quality labeling printers.

Our partners need labeling printers that integrate with their software as well as meet industry demands, new technologies, and product traceability. When seeking solutions for our customers, the more options, the better, to keep production moving.

Loftware shared a recent partnership with a printer manufacturer, adding to their already 5000+ printer brand support. “Loftware’s labeling solutions support a wide range of supply chain printers. These include thermal label printers, document printers, print and apply systems, and now the RNJet printer, which prints sharp, high-resolution images on porous and non-porous surfaces even in the most challenging industrial environments.”

Businesses can select label printers according to their product type, label output, and specific labeling requirements. Whether opting for thermal, inkjet, laser, or 3D printers, enterprises of any scale can choose the device that aligns most effectively with their operational needs. The critical decision is to ensure the selected printers are compatible with the business’s labeling software solution.

Pragmatyxs can help organizations ensure their labeling solution and printers work seamlessly to keep their supply chain moving. And with 5000+ printer brands supported, Loftware offers an essential solution for labeling.