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More than just a labeling solution

While many of our clients come to us to solve a specific labeling issue, often additional efficiencies are gained through the discovery phase as part of the proposal process.

This was just the case for a large pharmaceutical company for which we were updating and streamlining the labeling process.  Their technical support team was inundated with requests for this labeling system like adding new users, updates to changes in roles, and troubleshooting user issues.  Through our ability to validate appropriate training requirements, document all requests by storing them in an audited repository, and resolving the issue, enabled their team to focus on other aspects of their business.  They were able to put the technology support in the hands of those who helped deploy the solution allowing them to free up resources and gain needed efficiency.

Companies continue to think outside the box to address resource issues and ensure their teams are focused on the business priorities. In a highly regulated environment, appropriate training, process documentation, and an audited repository are critical.  The decision to designate Pragmatyxs as a trusted advisor to own and facilitate the technical support process enabled the company to center its attention on accuracy, productivity, and compliance.

Pragmatyxs has the expertise and resources to partner with you to review your business processes and identify where efficiency can be gained. Our services range from consultation and analysis to custom training and support. Reach out to us today!