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Warehouse Distribution

UPS has launched a new platform that “innovates warehouse placement decisions through analytics and data”. This application utilizes historical data by accessing data directly through integration with a company’s e-commerce carts or companies may choose to upload this information themselves.

With UPS’s Ware2Go and the new platform, Network Vu, users of BigCommerce and Shopify will be able to make product location decisions through the analytics and data from the application.  This will enable merchants to grab and ship items faster, optimize delivery speeds, and ensure the most purchased items are placed in an easy-to-access location.

To add to efficiency, merchants should review and assess their product labeling system. Having an efficient process from start to finish that maximizes speed, accuracy and demand can result in a successful business model for many mid-size merchants.

Pragmatyxs can help your company, whether small, medium or large, enhance your warehouse efficiency and optimize your product labeling software. Contact us at