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Building trust through transparency

As online grocery shopping saw increasing popularity during the past year, it provided food retailers the opportunity to “increase transparency efforts that build shopper trust.” View the article from Progressive Grocer.

“According to a new report from the Food Industry Association (FMI) and Label Insight, 81% of shoppers say transparency is important or extremely important to them now more than ever before.”  Providing detailed product information is key to building this transparency, resulting in consumer loyalty and trust.  Ingredients, certifications, and detailed information about the nutrition of products were at the top of the list, and product claims and allergen information were close behind.

Shoppers put a higher expectation on transparency with online grocers than brick-and-mortar stores. It makes sense since they aren’t able to touch and feel the products before purchasing in a store and we all know the hassle of returns which can be a bit more involved when dealing with food items.

Pragmatyxs also believes transparency is important when building trust with our customers, from the first inquiry through project completion. Allow us to gain your trust.