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New regulations to potentially hit Tesla’s Autopilot

In the age of technological advances, so comes the potential for more regulations.  It is commonplace in the areas of pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and aeronautical industries.  Automakers too are no strangers to the regulations they must adhere to. With the new advances of Tesla’s Autopilot and driverless cars, you can see why certain regulations are necessary.

Telsa is facing scrutiny with their Autopilot feature when one of their vehicles “crashed with no one behind the wheel”. An investigation will determine whether the Autopilot partially automated system was in use or not. “In the past, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which has authority to regulate automakers and seek recalls for defective vehicles, has taken a hands-off approach to regulating partial and fully automated systems for fear of hindering the development of promising new features.” There is a concern that the policy framework, where regulations are created, has not caught up with the technology platforms and this is a game of catch up. The balance between the freedom to innovate and ensure consumers’ safety will continue to be a push and pull.

Pragmatyxs has experience with the regulatory guidelines in the industries we serve, and we work to stay up-to-date on the ever-changing elements of these regulations.