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Siloed systems can be an efficiency killer

Siloed systems can be an efficiency killer

The quickest way to fall behind in efficiency, sales, and performance is the delay in receiving the information that drives the decisions within these areas.  The key to running a business efficiently, especially a supply chain, is having good data.  You can’t achieve this when your systems for Warehouse Management, Materials Requirements Planning, and Enterprise Resource Planning don’t talk to each other.

If we view data like currency, as outlined in “The Hidden Efficiency Killer that has No Place in 2021”, where every company used its own unique type of data that had to be converted each time anyone bought something, it would be unfeasible, yet that is basically what companies do when they have fragmented systems. Each system must interpret the information taking time and producing poor data results.

To ensure seamless data collection and sharing, a single data system that enables multiparty applications with the same user interface can allow or restrict access to certain functions based on permissions. “Real-time networks will allow companies to connect, coordinate and collaborate across their business to better serve their customers, suppliers, and vendors.

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