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Labeling inefficiencies and how to solve them


To create and sustain a lean supply chain, manufacturers must review and assess every process to ensure they are operating at optimal efficiency. BarTender identified labeling inefficiencies and how to solve them.

Here are a few of the things they found to be vital changes to create better efficiency:

  • Consolidate label templates – Having templates that provide the ability to use conditional printing allows companies to avoid maintaining hundreds of label files. With BarTender’s Intelligent Templates™, users can also suppress data when certain conditions are met.
  • Centralized data – The ability for systems to integrate and interact with each other is invaluable. Having siloed systems creates errors and additional resources to manage. The ability to have a single source of data ensures that information is correct and saves time and expense.
  • Simple and automated – When you can automate a process in any business, you are bound to find an increase in efficiency and a reduction in errors. Labeling is no different, “automation can increase label production speeds, improving shipping times, and reducing delays.”
  • Standardized labeling – Through label standardization, companies will enjoy a consistent and streamlined approach to their labeling operations. Each segment of your operations can confidently move forward knowing that a centralized data source means that any changes that are made will be reflected in the labeling operations workflow.
  • Secure label printing – Consolidated label templates, centralized data, and automated processes are strong aspects of an efficient labeling solution but if anyone can print, then you haven’t controlled the environment and accuracy. Secure printing allows you to assign permissions based on the user, so they are only able to access the labels associated with their designated templates.

Pragmatyxs is well-versed in helping customers whose labeling solution isn’t providing them with some or all of the above five benefits. One specific example of how we have supported a customer consolidate over 700 labels in this case study.