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Golf manufacturer reduces label creation time

Golf club and ball on golf green
Golf manufacturer reduces label creation time

Golf has continued to gain momentum in recent years so in order to meet this continually growing market, PING is working to get their club inventory out to market faster. With a production goal of more than 10,000 golf clubs a day in the U.S. alone, you can see why they need to reduce label creation time. The solution was to implement a labeling system that provided 24/7 support to expand their production globally and increase production speed.


Supply chain management lies at the center of efficiency in the manufacturing world, and this company was looking to gain said efficiency with its product. All systems must talk to each other, and fine-tune processes to ensure the most efficient operation possible. By choosing Loftware NiceLabel, PING achieved the production increase needed to reduce its label creation time from two weeks to one day.


One primary requirement that PING sought was a print server that could grow as their business grew. They achieved this through Loftware NiceLabel Cloud, where they can use up to 150 printers globally now, with the ability to add more as needed without restructuring the system. The print driver options for this solution were also a net positive. PING’s previous labeling solution used a specific print driver, which wasn’t an issue in the U.S., but once their other global locations tried to use it, they were unable. The Loftware NiceLabel solution allows each location to choose the printer that best meets its needs.


Pragmatyxs works closely with our partners at Loftware NiceLabel and has seen companies like PING gain efficiencies in their supply chain and can help provide the transparency needed for organizations to make a change or add on to their labeling solution to ensure they are getting the most out of it.