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Labeling automation reduces templates by 40%

Medical device screen

A global leader in medical devices found that automating their labeling process could reduce the number of label templates by 40%.  This is an astounding number considering the medical industry is one of the most heavily regulated environments. The ability to move from manual processes and inputs to a fully automated solution can only result in improved accuracy, efficiency, and compliance.

“By connecting Loftware Spectrum directly to Oracle EBS and Agile, this medical device provider realized the following benefits”:

  • Reduced label templates by 40%
  • Reduced turnaround time
  • Increased security with role-based access
  • Automated processes balancing print quantities based on packing levels

The process of label consolidation in general is an excellent periodic step for companies to do on a regular basis. Pragmatyxs managed a consolidation project to help a company with an automated labeling solution, but over 7,000 templates they needed to reduce.

If your company is finding the need to convert manual labeling and needs an automated, data-driven labeling system, reach out to Pragmatyxs and allow us to find the best solution for your company.