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Custom Label Printing with BarTender


When you stop to think about the number of products and packaging that is out in the market, the number can quickly surpass the millions.  To think that each has a custom label that is printed can be mind-blowing.

Our partners at BarTender®, have provided 3 things you need to know about Custom Label Printing.

  1. Collect all the necessary information you need for your labels – What information do you want to transmit through the label and what symbology do you need to encode it? Below is a sampling of questions you can answer to make sure you are ready to create an accurate customized label:
    • Is the label being used in-house or will it be shipped somewhere else?
    • Are there any label size constraints?
    • What kind of environment will the label have to undergo? (Some labels can read even when damaged, but knowing this detail ahead of time may help you avoid label issues.)
    • What is the label symbology you need to use?
    • What is the printer’s brand and model? This is important since you will need the corresponding printer driver installed on your computer in order to print.
  1. Get familiar with your BarTender resources – BarTender provides step-by-step instructions and a video demo on software installation that can be found on their Support Portal. You can also download the printer driver that matches your printer brand and model, or peruse the vast number of templates in the label template library that you can use and modify to fit your labeling needs.
  1. Connect your data source to BarTender – With the ability to read data from an existing database, you can import and create your labels in a smooth and automated manner. Having the ability to easily preview labels before sending them to the printer helps save time and re-work. You can learn more about data sources in this video.

Pragmatyxs can help implement BarTender as your labeling solution and ensure you have access to all their great resources that will enable you to create the custom labels your company needs.