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Leveraging GS1 standards and services in marketplaces

The establishment of Global Standards, a nonprofit organization that standardizes business information globally,  leverages GS1 standards and services in the marketplace providing a faster listing process, improved counterfeit detection, and simplified regulatory compliance.

GS1 is a common language to identify, capture, and share information globally.

GS1 Standards provide unique identification of items and products that provide the link between the item and the information pertaining to it. Think of GS1 Standards as the DNA of an item or product moving through the supply chain.

Global Standards developed a Marketplace Program where the focus “is to address the product identification needs to be shared by marketplaces, integrators, and sellers, with the main topics being Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) duplicates and overuse.” There are initiatives with the goal of reaching marketplaces, sellers, and brands locally, regionally, and of course, globally.

With the backing of GS1 Global Office support, Global Standards has built relationships with organizations like Amazon, Google, eBay, and Mercado Libre. The goal is to spread knowledge about GS1 standards and services and share the benefits like supporting seller processes, fulfillment, regulatory requirements, sustainability activities, traceability programs, and anti-counterfeiting initiatives.

Pragmatyxs works with many companies that utilize GS1. While more than 300,000 businesses in 25 industries rely on GS1 US for trading partner collaboration, the initiatives like the Marketplace Program intend to expand the use of GS1 across other business entities. The expansion of this global identification system will enable more products and businesses to have a more global reach.