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Ketchup shortage open the door for innovation

Ketchup shortage leads to innovationAs you may have heard, there is a ketchup shortage. With the increase in take-out, drive-through and curbside pickups, as well as the replacement of self-serve for individual servings of ketchup, many restaurants quickly found their ketchup packets were depleting. While resolving this challenge is the immediate need, many successful innovations have transpired out of similar issues.

Did you know? “Ketchup is the most-consumed table sauce at American eateries, with about 300,000 tons of it sold to foodservice in 2020, according to Euromonitor. And at home, the pandemic resulted in a 15% jump in retail ketchup sales last year to more than $1 billion.”

While manufacturers were not able to predict the rapid increase in demand, Kraft Heinz was able to figure out how to work to resolve this dilemma and innovate for the future.  Heinz has invented a touchless ketchup dispenser as an alternative to shared bottles. Coming soon to your favorite restaurant or greasy spoon!

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