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Labeling and SAP in the supply chain

Labeling and SAP in the supply chain

As we slowly adjust to the “massive fluctuations to consumer demand patterns”, a labeling system that can ebb and flow with these changes is a must. This is where labeling in SAP systems can make a great impact. “But for many organizations using SAP to manage extended supply chain operations, labeling is not optimized.”

Our partner @NiceLabel shares how their labeling software solution can:

  • Provide collaboration digitally from anywhere, reducing the number of templates to maintain.
  • Deploy and Scale instantly, enabling easy, secure printing.
  • Allow business rules to automate workflows, minimizing human errors.

This solution can also make some compliance labeling requirements easier, yes, we said it. A digital solution allows for clear visibility without having to physically track pallets and boxes from point A to point B. In a truly digital world, this solution works seamlessly with SAP to help take the burden off IT resources and ensure all compliance and regulatory labeling requirements are still met with ease.

Pragmatyxs can help you onboard this digital solution and ensure that integration with SAP is consistent and smooth. Contact us today!